Update On My Life

Firstly, I know I haven't posted in over a month, I really want to play it off as "Oh, I was busy with college". But I can't because that would be only half the truth. I haven't posted for a while because it turns out I wasn't doing as great at college as I thought I was. I actually failed the majority of my course. And you know why? Not because my drawings sucked, or because I didn't have the ability, or knowledge to pass. No, I failed because I let my anxiety and my self-esteem issues get in the way of me being the best I could be.

Blogmas Day 8th

Hey,  Today I'm doing a book tag by https://readingthroughinfinity.com/ and I am so excited about it.  But like usual I have no clue what I'm doing so... yeah.  Rules Link to the person who tagged youLink to me, as I’d love to read your answersAnswer all 10 questions, choosing books for each themeTag five people to do … Continue reading Blogmas Day 8th

Blogmas Day 5

Hey!  Lately, I've been spending way to much time on Pinterest, and I really like those posts you see about 'glow ups' and 'glow up challenges'. They are probably really old, and not very popular anymore, but I've decided to do my own. Well mine is glow up/my winter beauty routine.   So here it is:  … Continue reading Blogmas Day 5